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The 7 Costly Cleaning Supplies Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Avoid them 


It’s true, everyone wants cleaning products at an affordable price that meets your needs and those of your customers. And of course, you want it to do what the label says it will do.

Afterall, the results of your cleaning are very visible to you and your customers… and their customers. Indeed business reputations can rise or fall on the quality of the environment provided, which is why cleaning is such a vital but often overlooked part of any successful business.

To help you get ahead and keep costs down in an increasingly competitive world, we’ve compiled this list of the The 7 Costly Cleaning Supplies Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Avoid them…  



No one wants to pay too much. And nor should you. That said, when it comes to equipment, durability is essential. Breakdowns and too-soon replacements gobble up any savings made on the front end. 

The long-term benefits of good quality equipment in terms of customer satisfaction, savings over time and improved productivity are key.

You will not find many successful cleaning businesses that scrimp on equipment purchases.

Everyone has a budget, but it’s almost always best to pay a little more for top quality than worry about “when” a problem might arise.

Just 3 examples of the consequences of going cheap…

  1. Choose a vacuum that has an extension lead that plugs into the vacuum (not hard wired) so when it wears out you can change it yourself and not require an electrician, plus it’s also cheaper to test n tag a vacuum that has an extension lead


  1. Cheap chemicals simply have more water in them and cheap garbage bags tear which can lead to stains on floors


  1. Cheap Toilet paper normally has a lot of glue in it to bind the pulp together, glue doesn`t breakdown in water so the risk of blocking up the toilet can be very high



Yes, time is money… especially when it comes to cleaning. So much time is wasted in this industry with stock order errors and delivery lead times.

A fast and efficient web ordering system is vital to running a lean and profitable business.

Further re-stocking, especially if its site specific to your requirements and your budget, is a black hole for many businesses where countless hours are wasted.

The flip side is efficient lead times where you are supplied with the equipment you want when you want it, thus mitigating worries and financial repercussions resulting from low or lack of stock.

This lets you concentrate on your own business and customers without having to worry about sourcing materials needed for the business to function.



If time is money as we’ve just mentioned, then great supplier customer service is the fuel that drives your business.

It’s critical to choose a cleaning supplier who “walks the walk” as well as “talks the talk” when it comes to customer service.

Big is NOT always better.

Smaller businesses are often more agile and more responsive to the unique needs and wants of different customers.

Short command chains allow customer problems to be resolved more quickly compared to larger corporations where the gears of bureaucracy move much more slowly.

This is not a criticism of any one company but rather a one of those “red flags” to look out for when you choose a supplier.



How much time is wasted with equipment that requires extra training? Any purchase needs to consider equipment complexity and the time needed to explain and demonstrate to staff how to operate it.

Product usability should be high on the criteria and this is especially true for cleaning companies that have a high staff turnover where training may take place on a more frequent basis. 

An intuitive product range helps new operators get to know how the products work - fast. This frees up more time for educating new staff on cleaning standards so that they can provide your clients with a premium, hygienic cleaning service. 

One example… stick to products where the name of the chemical is the task it does: Toilet & Urinal CleanerGlass & Window Cleaner- Neutral Floor Cleaner-Stainless Steel Finish-Spray & Wipe Disinfectant.



“Function only” suppliers are that group of companies that provide a product… and their service pretty much stops there.

We constantly hear statements like “chemicals are chemicals”. In some respects, this may be true. That said, suppliers who go the extra yard and provide a consistent added value package (price, product and service) save you time money and hassles in the long run. “Chemicals may be chemicals” but the human back up behind them can make all the difference.

It pays to shop around and source a supplier interested in the long-term success of your cleaning company.

Selling a product simply isn't enough. Suppliers should offer a solid after-sales service and look to build a relationship with you which includes future installation/maintenance advice and support about the equipment you purchased.

A lot is at stake when is comes to cleaning supplies and products so it’s important your supplier becomes a trusted partner.



We have all heard the adage: the customer is always right. When it comes to cleaning products and equipment this is far from reality.

A good supplier should be an expert, and an expert’s advice is always worth considering. It goes deeper… if you have a trusted relationship with your supplier who is in “boots and all” as part of the overall contract price, why wouldn’t you listen to what they say?

The market is more competitive than ever. It makes sense to follow any tips from suppliers that might help you stay ahead of the game.




FACT: It’s impossible for a cleaning contractor to be totally “green”. What matters most is that resources are used carefully to get maximum value in the most effective way whilst minimising waste and the impact on the environment.

Given growing concerns about the planet we live on, it is becoming more important to work with cleaning product suppliers who take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

The same is true of corporate social responsibility. An ethical supplier with strong family values, a focus on corporate social responsibility and the protection of human rights can add to your standing and prestige in the marketplace.

Today more than ever there is a focus on reasons to buy other than price. When considering a supply partner, every aspect of their business needs scrutinised to ensure they align with your values and growing community expectations.


There you have it, from inside the cleaning industry, The 7 Costly Cleaning Supplies Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Avoid them. This will help you when it comes to selecting the best supplier to suit your needs and long-term goals.

The next section contains the Cleaning Supplies Selection Questionnaire – take it now and see how your company rates…


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