“Can confidently delegate ordering to staff”

“What I love about Compliant Cleaning Supplies is they are so cost effective. The simple and easy online ordering process gives me the ability to track what my staff are ordering. They offer great support and advice on the right products for our requirements.

We’ve used other suppliers that were difficult to contact and much more expensive.

I'm not a commercial cleaner nor did I have previous experience with commercial products. Compliant Cleaning Supplies are experts in knowing what products to use where and give good recommendations on cleaning equipment that suits our business. I wouldn’t have been able to find the right ones for the business that meet the required regulations. It just couldn’t have happened without them.

Compliant Cleaning Supplies help us keep budgets and stock levels under control, which means we can confidently delegate ordering of cleaning supplies to our staff.” - Dan Tuite - General Manager, Slideways - Go Karting Centres


“Experts at fixing all the dramas”   

“Before using Compliant Cleaning Services, we had problems getting enough information about new products and machinery which made it challenging because we need everything on time. 

Since I'm not a chemical supplier, I don’t have the know-how of products nor the time to shop around. Apart from taking this headache away Compliant Cleaning Supplies have never let us down.

At Sheldon College, we strive for excellence which is why we place very high demands and expectations of our suppliers. We could easily go anywhere for our consumables, but Compliant Cleaning supplies are one step ahead of anyone else. Matt’s team understands our needs due to the nature of our environment. 

Matt’s team have achieved excellent results for us by minimising my thinking time and doing all the chasing around for me.

Thankfully we have found a company that are experts in fixing all the dramas, one that we can trust.”Sharon Oliphant Corporate Staff – Cleaning Supervisor, Sheldon College Brisbane


“Less stress saves substantial money”

“I am extremely grateful I have found a cleaning supply company that cares and is as passionate as what we are.

Before using Compliant Cleaning Services, we were never a product supplier, and in truth, we wouldn’t be able to manage without them.

Matt’s team have made a massive difference to our business by showing us how to avoid wasting too much time managing consumables.  

The advantages, for us, is less stress and saving us substantial money.

Nowadays the process of ordering and supplying stock is so much easier and the best part is we can provide quality products to our clients with confidence.

Additionally they are always reliable, prompt, and do that bit extra, like putting stock away onsite which leaves a smile on our client’s face. Nothing seems to be too much trouble and with their unique reporting system we can view and manage supplies per client per site. Thankyou!” - Luke Fox Managing Director, Extra Clean Commercial Cleaning Services


“Proud they are my supplier”

“Prior to Complaint Cleaning Services we didn’t have the support from our previous supplier which made it difficult to grow our business at the rate it should

This is all changing. I now have a new problem of not being able to keep up with the new business that is coming through. Let me just say the move over to Compliant Cleaning Services is the best move we have made for some time.

Not only that they are easy to work with, genuine, understand my needs and have a genuine passion for great customer service. What they say they do.

Two things come to mind when I think about Compliant: ‘satisfaction’ and ‘proud they are my supplier’. It’s amazing how much easier you guys have made my job.

I know our outcomes wouldn't have been otherwise possible because Compliant Cleaning Supplies are passionate about customer service and brilliant at problem solving.” Amanda Biagini Business Manager, Priority Hygiene


“Grateful for advice”

By no means am I a chemical expert, so I was grateful for the advice and solutions Terry has provided for us. If it wasn’t for the dilution machine Compliant Cleaning Services supplied I wouldn’t have known the correct usage amounts and dilution rates.

Worse still, staff were guessing the amount of chemical to use and weren’t taking the time to read the fine print. Now they are more confident and competent in using the chemicals.

Best of all the on-wall dispenser makes it easy, less confusing and it is extremely cost effective to the business overall. Prior to having the on-wall dispenser staff were guessing the dilution rates and we found we were going through double the amount of chemicals we are now.  

Compliant Cleaning Supplies are experts in finding solutions and are quite clearly customer focused.

Summing up they are extremely easy to work with, nothing is too much trouble. Orders are received in a timely manner and always correct, and I can’t ask for more than that.” Karyn, Director - Ascot Childcare Centre


Easy accommodating helpful and efficient

“Compliant Cleaning Supplies are easy and really accommodating. They provide flexibility and display patience at all times. Nothing is a problem.

They are experts in what products matter most. In truth, they have achieved mastery when it comes to efficiency.

With them onboard it allows our staff “to carry on” because nothing annoys them more than running out of little things like toilet paper which really is a big thing!

And you are so kind and pleasant as are all of your gorgeous team. Thanks again.” Director, Molly’s Childcare Centre


“Whole operation is very professional”

“They are easy to work with and always very helpful and ready to assist. They patiently answer every question and even the delivery team is very caring and helpful. 

The whole operation is very professional.

For example, I'm not a chemical expert at all. I wouldn’t have been able to assist a large client with a floor staining issue if I didn’t get their advice. It just couldn’t have happened without Compliant Cleaning Supplies.

When it comes to reporting on consumable usage with little or no notice from our clients we have the answers at our fingertips.

I know our outcomes would not have been possible without them!” - Clare Dickens Operations Manager, Queensland Facility Services


“Whole operation is very professional”

“After reviewing their product range and prices we decided to change providers to Compliant Cleaning Supplies. Such a decision is NOT taken lightly given the complexity of our operation across multiple worksites. Their focus on customer service minimised operational impacts during the transition.

Innovation is an area Compliant helps us derive competitive advantage.

They are proactive listeners to your needs, identify difficulties you face and generate solutions. Their approach goes way beyond basic service delivery and is more like a strategic partnership.

Their online ordering system

  • Reduces time online for my staff which increases their overall productivity
  • Prevents overspending because we can set budget limits
  • Minimises delivery errors
  • Provides reports detailing purchases by environmental impact, chargeable items, actual spend and where we can optimise expenditure
  • Allows us to focus on environmental sustainability

Compliant is above competitors in that they recognise customer service is “king” which is refreshing in an environment where most have forgotten how to treat their customers.

Even unusual and difficult requests are met with a can-do attitude and nothing is ever too much of a problem. They truly excel at supplying goods and services in this space and I have no hesitation in recommending them.” Mark Nipper Managing Director, Sharman Property Services